Kohls Stackable Coupon FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Kohl's Stackable Coupon.

How to use Kohl's stackable coupons?

For maximum saving, you can use multiple codes at Kohls.com. Enter one Promo Code at a time and then click "Apply code" after each.
  • Kohl's site-wide percent-off discounts cannot be combined.
  • Combine multiple dollar-off coupons (like Kohl's Cash) or even a percent-off coupon with dollar-off coupons!
  • Combine a site-wide percent-off discount with an assortment-based offer discount.
  • Combine a percent-off Promo Code and a free shipping Promo Code

Sequence of stacked discounts: Kohl's Cash is deducted first, followed by Category Coupons (Department Specific Codes), and lastly Site-wide Coupons (max: one per order).

Free Shipping Coupon code is applied after all total % off discounts and Kohl's Cash deductions are applied (max: one per order).

Note: There is a maximum of four promo codes per order.

* Subject to offer terms. For more details on a specific coupon, please see the bottom of the offer. Discount not valid on prestige brands of cosmetics and skincare and select prestige brands of fragrance; select electronics; Kohl's Cares cause merchandise or the purchase of Kohl's Gift Cards.

Kohl’s Cash and promo codes

When using a percent-off promo code and Kohl’s Cash with your order, the system will deduct the Kohl’s Cash first and then apply your percent-off promo code to the new subtotal. The order in which you enter your Kohl’s Cash and promo codes does not have an impact on the total; the system applies these discounts.

Please note: Some offers are only valid with a Kohl's Charge. If you are using your Kohl's Charge, your discount will not be applied until your payment method has been selected.

How to use promo code?

You can enter your Promo Code in your shopping bag or at any time during checkout by clicking "Kohl’s Cash & Discounts" on the right side in your Order Summary.